Together Europe can stamp out the illegal wildlife trade. Let's act now before it is too late.

Catherine Bearder MEP

Illegal wildlife trafficking endangers not only biodiversity, but also sustainable development, livelihoods and the rule of law.

Benedek Jávor MEP

Half of the Earth's wildlife has been lost in the past 40 years! We have to react now to revert this catastrophic trend.

Stefan Eck MEP

I was delighted to host the Born Free Exhibition in the European Parliament. It is vitally important that we keep the issues of illegal trade of wild animals as a top priority.

Jacqueline Foster MEP

Europe must make a step forward to protect wildlife and nature. We can't afford to lose our biodiversity.

Marco Affronte MEP

Illegal wildlife trade is a serious threat even for the global security. We need effective solutions to fight it and we need it now.

Pavel Poc MEP


Help Ban EU Ivory Sales!

The European Commission recently launched an online consultation to find out what EU citizens think about the ivory trade. MEPs For Wildlife want citizens to have their voice heard in this process, but the questionnaire itself is not for the faint-hearted! It can get...

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